About us

Molja has 4 employees located in Ålesund. We have long experience in the seafood industry from both production, marketing, media and brokerage.

We have been an intermediate in the seafood business since 2005, and has recruited a large portfolio of suppliers and customers.

Traditionally, we have focused on conventional species.


Molja is an independent operator providing services to producers, traders and exporters in the Norwegian seafood industry.

We do not buy or sell fish for own account. Our services are commission based, "No Cure - No Pay". Our customers pay only for real results.

We are dedicated to find the optimum solution for both sellers and buyers. With a wide range of contacts and daily contact with the biggest market players, we are able to quickly offer current market prices.

In addition to clearing the price between the parties, we assist setting up the contracts regarding the quality, quantity, transport, delivery and payment.

We also mediate between the parties if any disagreement should arise regarding these terms.

Molja also offers services related to analysis. We provide customized analysis and reports for market prices, products and / or different species.

  • Anders Ervik

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  • Wilhelm Aarøe

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  • Alexander Von Løwensprung

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  • Nina Devold Fiske
    Office manager

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